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Document Management Software

Web based Leto Document Management Software in Chennai-Area and all over india cities provide the best control of your organization. Additionally the version and record control with Workflow enabling for the power of approval system. LetoDMS enables t upload and manage all type of documents like pdf, jpeg, doc, ppt, xls,TIFF,png, gif, mp3, mp4….etc

How to Secure your Document smartly in Chennai-Area and India, the answer to use document management system with perfect security option and best indexable featurew with LetoEDMS in Chennai-Area and india.

Physical Records Management Software

Finding Physical records can be a big task. Many Organization have years of information stored in multiple locations, but always when it comes to get it these files, people will waste lot of time to search the record. LetoEDMS provides the facility of combining both physical and electronic records. It gives you single view of all your inventory, and helps to manage the life cycle of your physical document records. with LetoEDMS-Physical Records module gives you security and consistency with improved practice.

Physical Records Management Solutions in the Middle East and Africa

Any active or inactive records or files in the company need attention and to keep safely in a particular storage space or warehouse or file room to avoid the space consumption in all the employees or departmental desk or document racks. Lot of security concerns to be required of any confidential or legal documents in the company and also long term prevention of document access problems.

What can Leto LETOEDMS help you with? : Leto LETOEDMS has a range of specialized solutions for archiving and managing various types of physical documents. Some of them are:

  • Banking archives
  • Accounting data
  • Insurance and claims information
  • Corporate agreements
  • Human resource documents
  • Medical records
  • Any type of Archival/Physical documents

  • Key Functionality :

    • Document Repository/Storage
    • Document File Indexing
    • Document Color Coding
    • Document Request/Approvals
    • Document Check In/Check Out
    • Document Tracking
    • Document Status
    • Deficiency Tracking
    • Consolidation and Reconciliation

    • Leto LETOEDMS 800 Software is the web based document Tracking or Physical Records Tracking software. It can be integrated with Warehouse and LetoDMS (Document Management Software).

      Leto LETOEDMS 800 Software has been categorized as Document Tracking Software, Physical Record Management Software, Physical Files Management Software, Document Barcoding Software, Physical Files Management Software, Physical files Tracking Software, Electronic Document control Software, Document Life cycle Management and Document Tracking Software.>

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