Sales Force Automation Software

LetoCRM's Sales force Automation (SFA) powers your sales organization, integrated sales processes starting from Lead/Inquiry Management. LetoCRM's SFA streamline your customer relationship also with sales process. Using our system you can have the clarity of your sales person's activities along with Pipeline Management with Sales forecast generator. Contact Management helps to keep all contact within your applications and email. Completely integrated application connects your social media and other outbound operations in your organization based on the industry practice. LetoCRM applications are highly customizable and configurable with less training.

Marketing Managment Software

The recent world became more creative in terms of marketing and publishing. It's more important to have proper marketing channel to keep live our brand, partners and customers. LetoCRM's Marketing gives you innovative functions to manage your campaign with unlimited access. LetoCRM engages your customers in new ways across new channels to deliver amazing experiences.