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Aviation industry is fast growing and very competitve. Scopes in the industry is segrigated into 4 types of Manufacturing such as commercial transport, general aviation planes, military aircrafts. Airport Operations such as Runways, Navigation systems. Support Industries such as Fuel Supply, Maintenance, Ground transportation, Hospitality Industry and car rentals. Service Providers such as Travel Agents and Freight Forwarders. Letosys provides the best in control solutions for Airport Management with Aircraft detaling and scheduling with groud operations. Our Dedicated Android and IOS team for the aerospace and aviation companies makes the best business practiced solutions in Chennai-Area-Mumbai-Delhi and across india or both private and public sectors.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Opearation) services for Aviationn Industry in Chennai-Area | India
LETO ACTIVEBUSINESS Applications offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive solutions for MRO operations available today.It covers everything from quotation handling, maintenance planning, and tracking of open service bulletins (SBs) and airworthiness directives (ADs) to maintenance execution, warranty management, supply chain logistics, cost tracking and invoicing. Managing all of these processes through one integrated solution, LETO ACTIVEBUSINESS Applications can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in MRO operation of any size and complexity.

Airport Administration Software : LETO ACTIVEBUSINESS Applications for airports is a complete ERP solution covering finance administration, supply chain management, project management and technical maintenance of airport facilities and ground equipment. ETO ACTIVEBUSINESS has developed one of the most advanced and scalable solutions for airports available on the market today in Chennai-Area and all major cities in India like Bengalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Telangana, Delhi LETO ACTIVEBUSINESS Applications enables your company to: Minimize aircraft downtime through smart scheduling of routine maintenance tasks and quick decision-making Ensure regulatory compliance through automatic reminders and easy record keeping Contain costs by optimizing maintenance yields and reducing inventory levels Collaborate with customers and suppliers in real time online. Leto ACTIVEBUSINESS provides Integrated MRO and fleet management with the rest of your enterprise

Aviation IT solutions

Business Process outsourcing and Staffing

Fixed Asset Tracking, Finding Labelling and Barcoding and Register Services.

Document Scanning, indexing and Managing Services for Aviation and Aerospace.

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