ERP software in Chennai-Area

LetoActiveBusiness is developed based on Web Technology and Compatible to run on Latest Web Server such as Cloud servers. Why to use Web related application for your business?

Since web applications are popular, our application structured for medium to corporate usage with web technology. In Local deskstop application users always saves the data at local server, if laptop or computer are stolen or virus affected complete data are lost. In Web application data are not stored in the local drive and always LetoActiveBusiness software diverts all the data into server only

Highly Deployable : Deploying web application is much easier and manageable. You need to enter the website address or local host to run the application. No installation required in any pcs. This makes users not to depend on any IT Professional

Support: To manage the web application much easy and also you can deploy with any standared web hosting partner. easy update and backups. Updating the online applications much easier than desktop applications

eCommerce enabled Solution

eCommerce is important in modern life. LetoActiveBusiness enables your online eCommerce functionalities

Distribution and inventory mangement system for eCommerce is completely integrated Customized eCommerce frontend template with integrated back office distribution management system

LetoActiveBusiness provider certain advanctages as follows

LetoActiveBusiness solutions are fully customizable and configurable based on the customer's business practice

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